Dr. Wuorno's House of the Mildly Evil
A delightful journey into madness! (Yours!)
Enjoy short audio episodes that will lead you happily through the darkness of this shop teeming with cursed curios!
As featured on Pocket Casts!

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Guest Voices

The Which Bone: Sheri Flanders, Jim Larkin, Kristin Brintnall

The Hidden Gem: Sheri Flanders, Jim Larkin

Le Pan: Jim Larkin, Sheri Flanders

Dr Wuorno’s Radio Commercial: Jason Koerner

Halloween Special: The Gentle Jack-o-Lantern: Jason Koerner

The Crystal Marmot Skull: Simone Jubyna, Mike Driscoll

The Gore Machine: Simone Jubyna, Mike Driscoll

The Endless Ice Cream Bowl: Simone Jubyna

The Biolife Bag: Cathy Giovagnoli, Joe Giovagnoli, Tom Giovagnoli, Rollie Giovagnoli, Nolan Giovagnoli, Madeline Giovagnoli

Starring Pete Giovagnoli as Dr. Wuorno and many more